Finally, after many weeks of merciless teasing, the Dodge Demon has been revealed. This drag-strip ready monster with its supercharged 6.2-litre motor packs a huge 840bhp which is less or more than previously thought, either way, all that power is a huge number.

Huge Numbers Equals Demon Speed

The huge numbers continue with the motors torque output, 770ib-ft which is enough to propel the Demon to a quarter mile time of 9.65 seconds. This time was so quick that the American National Hot Rod Association, the people responsible for certifying the time, banned the car from competing. Yes, you read that correctly, banned for being too quick and too extreme. This is considered a badge of honor to quote the man from Dodge directly.

G-Force Aplenty

At this point you may be wondering what effect all this power and torque can have on the fragile human torso, combine all that power with trick launch systems and you will experience 1.8g of force as you take off, standing to 30 mph is done in a single second, 1.3 seconds later you will hit 60mph (2.3 seconds total), 100mph comes around in 5.1 seconds, as the Demon crosses the finish line, assuming all the G-force has not killed the driver you will be doing 140mph towards a very blurry fast approaching horizon.

Popping Wheelies

After the many reveals including that the Demon can run 100-octane racing fuel and features a proper drag setup with semi-slick racing tires, the final reveal is that during hard launch the Demon pops a wheelie, yes, a f**king wheelie aka Dom Toretto style from any of the Fast films.

So, will we now see the likes of Ford and the other giants of US muscle car building reply with their own equivalent? Now you have muscle car fast and then there is Demon fast which is an entirely new level.