When driving a 707bhp Dodge Challenger Hellcat, no one at the wheel has ever been heard to say “I don’t think it’s powerful enough, it could do with a bit more”.

Now, Dodge has you covered; The Dodge Demon is coming, no actual details have been revealed in the teaser aside from the name, just a brief glimpse of the familiar Challenger headlights is all you’re going to get accompanied by a thumping Metallica soundtrack.

The official Dodge website confirms that more details will be drip fed to us over the coming months in video form, so, what can we expect from the Dodge SRT Challenger Demon; firstly expect a substantial power hike over the ‘standard’ car, 800bhp or 900bhp or thereabouts, I mean you have to make a bigger headline figure to get people to pay the entry fee.

Expect it to be just like the current SRT Hellcat Challenger with much tail sliding action in fifth gear in mildly moist conditions; expect massive speed, torque and smoky burnouts and the ability for any potential owners to state that their car has enough horsepower to destroy a small planet.

All videos in the Dodge Demon series will be featured at www.ifyouknowyouknow.com. A countdown clock tells viewers when the next installment will be revealed.

The final chapter arrives when the SRT Demon is revealed in New York City, prior to the New York International Auto Show in April 2017.