Driving a muscle car can be a tough job, I mean some muscle cars are simply an accident waiting to happen, apply a light amount of throttle and boom, you end up facing where you have just been or you end up feeding your beloved car to a hungry ditch.

The Dodge Challenger is a muscle car with a clean-ish record of not being recorded in the process of having an accident, I mean, Challenger owners seem to be capable of exiting a Cars & Coffee gathering without binning it, unlike their Mustang owning counterparts who seem determined to self-destruct while attempting the simple task of exiting onto a road from another road.

Now it appears that Dodge will be offering an all-wheel drive version of the Challenger for muscle car owners who don’t like crashing or being eaten by a ditch. Automotive News reports many details of the near-future of the Dodge model lineup, the most interesting of all this news is this interesting detail regarding the 2018 Challenger model:

Dodge will introduce its first V-6 all-wheel-drive Challenger, called the GT AWD, this fall. A wide-body, rear-wheel-drive Hellcat-powered version in 2017 called the Challenger ADR will follow.

Not crashing near you soon, simply driving home safely, the all-wheel drive Dodge Challenger

The Challenger will be redesigned onto the Giorgio platform in 2018 when it will lose an expected 500 pounds from the current model.
So, an AWD Challenger that you cannot crash by applying a gentle amount of throttle. Given that as cars become more and more powerful with horsepower numbers getting bigger and bigger, the move to all-wheel drive makes some sense, I mean today in 2016 you can walk into a showroom and drive out in a 700bhp car with rear wheel drive, no special test, just off you go and try not to crash it.

While the all-wheel drive setup is only destined for the base V-6 Challenger model, you can expect it to start appearing in the more powerful models if demand is strong, or if many people start crashing Challenger Hellcat’s into things, meaning that all-wheel drive will have to be offered to keep owners from injuring themselves.

While it won’t be a exact duplicate of a Hellcat-powered Challenger, you can improve the look and performance of your vehicle by purchasing Dodge Challenger accessory upgrades online.

How will this go down with the Muscle cars purists, your guess is as good as mine, in fact, I will ask some of them at the next Cars & Coffee, just as long as I don’t do it as they attempt to exit, otherwise expect some more internet broadcast crashes……….