Superstar DJ Deadmau5 has a great life, as well as being a supremely talented being blessed with sick DJ skills and an amazing taste in cars and modifying them.

I mean look at the guys driveway game:

When Deadmau5 is not launching music services or making earphones for his beloved cat meowingtons he is playing with his P1, recording new music and flying drones and generally living the life of a superstar DJ!.

Here is his recently wrapped Mclaren P1:

Here is the finished P1 together with a friends P1 for a little photo shoot:

Lastly just in case you did’nt know he is also featured in the upcoming long awaited Project Cars game:

I think you will agree with me when I say thanks to Deadmau5 for showing us his love for cars and that overall he has a great life!.