If you’re yearning after the brilliant ‘Chris Harris on cars’ now that the slayer of many tyres has joined the Top Gear team, then yearn no more.

Yesterday it was announced on TopGear.com that Harris will be fronting a new YouTube series entitled ‘Chris Harris Drives’, the really good part of this news is that Harris is reunited with his ace cameraman/best mate Neil Carey, given that this announcement is the automotive equivalent of Lennon and McCartney reuniting expectations will be very high indeed.

Essentially the show will be in the vein as the now departed ‘Chris Harris on Cars’, so expect much smokey sideways action and epic camera and production values.

Harris has gained his incredible online following via his YouTube work, mostly coming to prominence on the Drive channel which he then followed up with his own hit ‘Chris Harris on Cars’.

A major part of his in-depth films Harris has made previously was the huge level of passion and knowledge he bought to them, this coupled with his ability to handle a car made for some of the best pieces of automotive journalism ever to grace the internet.

The other really good piece of news is that Harris has thankfully confirmed this new side-project will not affect his work on the main Top Gear show:

“Obviously, I’m thrilled to be making beautiful films like the F12tdf piece for the Top Gear television show,” said Harris, in the TopGear.com post. “But the longer-form, more detailed web films I’ve made with Neil Carey over the years remain my natural format, and broadcasting them through TG’s huge online audience is a dream come true.”

“I want the films to be just as they were on Chris Harris on Cars. With added slow-motion slides.”

No release dates have been set as of yet, thankfully though Top Gear have released a preview trailer featuring Harris sideways in a variety of stunning cars including the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV, the Acura NSX, the Ferrari La Ferrari and Porsche 911 Turbo S to name but a few.

The internet is a very happy place after this announcement.