When former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson drove the Ferrari F12 he bizarrely in a very un-Clarkson sort of way stated that he ‘wish it had a bit less power’.

To fix this ‘issue’ or make it worse Ferrari went and built the F12 TDF which has even more power, 769bhp to be exact, this is clearly the worst attempt ever at fixing something!

Now new Top Gear presenter Chris Harris has got his hands on a F12 TDF as part of his ‘Chris Harris Drives’ web-series, you may be surprised to learn that Harris stated that the F12 TDF ‘scares the shit out of him’, also even more bizarrely he confirms that he was ‘glad’ there was a speed limit on the main straight at Ferrari’s own Fiorano test track, all of this is very Un-Top Gear like but makes for brilliant watching as Harris tries not to scare the shit out of himself around the track.

The film can be found at TopGear.com