Cars and Coffee in the sunshine, what could be better. This C&C took place in Maldon, Essex this past Sunday, In case you don’t know where Essex is, maybe go on Google Earth as that will tell you.

I met and spoke with some very cool Audi RS4 B5 owners who had their respective cars totally super clean and sorted.

The first Audi RS4 B5, on Q7 rims and slammed with a mustard wrap, epic:


Another Audi RS4 B5, pushing 498bhp, again totally clean and sorted with some epic race seats:


The main thing that struck me about these RS4’s was that the owners have done it right, minor cosmetics huge wheels and slammed, no messy over-modifying, just as case of taking what Audi did so great in the first place and making it better (and lower!).

A gorgeous Morgan 3-wheeler:

13738340_1597685347190485_2626594093912989818_o 13754583_1597685470523806_2307424299088844979_n 13731066_1597685413857145_6303173891747208788_o

A very slammed 1st-gen Audi S8:


1st and 2nd gen Vauxhall Monaro’s, so dam rare these days!

Some very clean Ford Focus RS Mk1’s:

13679991_1597684673857219_3101855764626620008_o 13719556_1597684497190570_5301832785287610060_o 13738124_1597684400523913_741292123797901331_o

A Jaguar XJS V12 Racecar, this was actually broken after a recent race so had to be pushed into C&C:

13737698_1597683580523995_6097975853280405665_o 13735809_1597683687190651_5588155151560142183_o

Some more highlights of C&C Maldon: