In October 2013 Ed Bolian, co-driver Dave Black and support passenger Dan Huang shattered the ‘Cannonball’ trans-continental run record with a time of 28 hours 50 mins driving a decade old modified Mercedes CL55 AMG.

Bolian revealed his record a mere 3-weeks after completing his run, this reveal was done on the basis that despite the trio covering 2,813 miles at an average moving speed of 100.3mph, any state wishing to prosecute either of the drivers would have to be able to prove beyond doubt who was driving at a particular time and the speed that they were doing, given that these guys didn’t pick up a single ticket whilst on the road, they clearly and literally did fly under the radar.

Bolian has been speaking to Bleacherrreport about his run, during which Bolian and team ran through 13 states, covering 93 counties, breaking the limit in every state they passed through.

‘I Drove from New York to LA in 29 Hours’
Some people would say that Bolian and his team-mates are crazy, some would say they are merely criminals who should be prosecuted, we say, well done, the reason, they achieved something that people said was impossible, a sub 30-hour driving time across the United States non-stop, in fact coming in under 30 hours is a massive achievement, but coming in at just under 29 hours is just an utterly staggering achievement.

In this interview, Bolian shares his memories from the run, including the fact that when he arrived at Portofino inn, he had to check the data as he couldn’t quite believe it.

Now we await Ed’s book chronicling the record run, according to Ed’s personal website it’s making great progress, now who wants to assist me with my plan for a 27 hour record attempt……..