Too poor to afford the Bugatti Chiron, well now you don’t have to worry any more as the Amalgam Collection can help you achieve your lofty dream of hypercar ownership.

Bugatti Chiron 1-8 scale - 3

Minor issue, this Chiron is a 1:8 scale model and it’s not a car, it’s a model so it won’t actually go anywhere.

Bugatti Chiron 1-8 scale - 2

Priced at ‘only’ £7,940 ($10,160) this 1:8 Chiron is an exact replica of the real world car, the reason for this accuracy, it’s been hand-crafted from the original CAD data from Bugatti themselves, this means it’s like for like to the real Chiron, aside from not being able to go anywhere, or do anything, like be driven which is fairly important for a car, you know.

Bugatti Chiron 1-8 scale - 1 Bugatti Chiron 1-8 scale - 4

So if your poor, but for some reason have a spare £8k to drop on a car you can never use, or drive, then this is the Chiron for you, a 1:8 scale way of feeling better about yourself…….




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