BMW have given us many cars we never asked for, the X6 range, for example, a prime example of a car the world didn’t need, I mean, who wants a car that is less practical than an X5 yet costs the same.

Turns out lots of you have bought BMW X6’s so ill shut up, given  the success BMW has had giving the world cars they never asked for has led to this, the BMW X2 concept, a super angry looking crossover which they plan to launch in Spring 2018.


Now, the looks, those kidney grilles, just epic looking aren’t they, the BMW badge emblazoned on the rear quarter panel, yes please, BMW need to do this for all future models, just the whole look of the thing is super-aggressive, I suspect that when this thing makes it to production, some items may be lost, expect such things as door handles to make it to the production model, as you know, these come in handy when getting in or out of a car, however, here’s to hoping that most of the design stays as the world needs more BMW’s that we didn’t ask for.


BMW have described the X2 as a “Sports Activity Vehicle”, basically, it’s going to be used in a city environment hauling adults and or their kids if they are the breeding type, along with all their associated crap. You know what, I am fine with that, the people that buy these type of cars don’t really do much sport or utility things, having recently spent some time as a passenger in a BMW X1, I finally get why people buy these cars, the escalate view is a great thing, if you chose the all-wheel drive, you get the sanctity of all-weather ability along with that build quality that makes the inside a nice place to be, even with all that extra height the X2 should be somewhat fuel efficient as long as you don’t drive it like you stole it.

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Expect the X2 to share the X1’s engine range, the one to go for will likely be the 2.0d X-drive model with 190PS which offers strong power and torque with reasonable returns on fuel, plus, when it looks this aggressive what’s not to like. Like the X6, another car the world thought it didn’t need, but by god the world need’s cars that look this good, well done BMW.

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