This could possibly be the all new G30 BMW M5, or not as the case may be. Leaked via The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast, according to C&T a super secret source inside BMW leaked the images to them which are CAD files showing the new G30 BMW M5.


Whilst we only get to see the front and rear view of the car, the front looks a fair amount less aggressive than current outgoing M5, the rear, however, has the M5 look we are used to, deep rear air dam with aggressive twin exhaust set-up.

The current generation of ‘M’ cars such as the M2, M3 and the M4 are very distinctive when compared to their more standard siblings, if these CAD’s are close to the truth then the new M5 G30 could be quite subtle compared to previous M5’s.


Obviously as it’s just a drawing we have no idea what the power set-up is going to be, based on the performance of the M550i though which is quicker than the current M5, expect massive power and a vastly sub 4.0 second 0-62 time.

Now, whilst this model is only a drawing, recently a real potential test mule M5 has been spotted at the ring testing. When I was visiting with BMW last week I enquired with them about what the spotting of such a test mule could mean, they commented that the test car in question could be there just to test new performance parts or upgrades, nothing more, nothing less.

Read into that what you will, but here or possibly not is the new M5 being flogged around the ring: