The BMW M5 E60 was available in a single flavour in Europe and most other countries around the globe, SMG gearbox only. However, the nice people of the United States of America somehow managed to wangle themselves a manual version of the M5.

The SMG version of the M5 E60 was renowned for lunching its clutch, drive through town in automatic mode, that will kill the clutch quickly, do some quick launches, that will kill it as well. The price of a new SMG clutch in the UK is an astronomical £3,000 ($4,500) installed.

Matt Farah, aka The Smoking Tyre finally gets to drive a manual M5 E60, during which he declares he was unaware that the manual was only sold in North America.
The noise of the M5 E60 with its screaming V10 as Farah guns it through the canyons is just magnificent, the M5 in question has covered 123k miles and seems to have fared better in the decade since it was built that its SMG equipped siblings.

If you live outside of North America, you can’t have one, no, go away

So does a manual gearbox work with a M5 V10, hell yes it does!

The rest of the world is now very jealous of Matt and the fact that he has now driven a manual M5, also, of the fact, that for once, Europe cannot have something that America has available freely, utter, utter bastards.

America, how about a swap deal, we give you some Nissan Skyline GT-R, R34’s with the wheel on the correct side and we take some of these manual M5’s, come on you know it’s a good deal.

There you have it, another good reason to buy an M5, only if you live in North America though.