The BMW M5 E39 Wagon is a unicorn, due to the fact that BMW never actually built one (bad BMW!).

The M5 We Never Had

Now, the next best thing is here in form of this converted 540i Touring, featuring a full M5 engine swap and the slick six-speed manual it’s about as close as we will ever get to realizing our M5 Wagon dreams.

The dealer selling the car in question has confirmed that many of the M5 E30 weak spots have been taken care of, such as the VANOS seals (known failure point), valve cover gaskets and the replacement of both oil sump gaskets.

Authentic M5 Details

The 540i donor bodyshell has covered around 130k miles with the M5 motor and gearbox being lifted from a dead 68k mile E39 model. Other mods include lowered H&R springs and a host of cosmetic mods to ensure that this M5 Wagon looks the part, note the custom rear bumper which is vastly different from the saloon version as a mark of the attention to detail.

One minor blot on this M5 Wagon’s copybook is that the 540i brakes have been retained over fitting an original set of M5 stoppers, one thing that any potential new owner may want to fix with 394bhp going through the rear wheels.

Currently, this dream wagon is sitting with $23,000 of bids on it, trust me if I could buy this I would but I’d have to emigrate and actually become an American to do so. Assuming you live stateside, do the world a favor, buy this and then drive it daily so the good car people of the world can see it.

For full details and pictures, check out Bring A Trailer. 




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