If you’re a fan of the BMW M5 E39 as I am then you should look away now, no wait, you already the read the headline didn’t you. Yes, you are correct an M5 E39 having only covered only 309 miles in its entire life, this car was sold for $149k and you missed it.

Now this M5 E39 was first registered in 2003, in the 13 years since its covered around 23 miles per year, that is like me driving from my house to the coast but never making the return journey because it’s 23 miles away.


As you can see from the pictures this M5 at the time of sale was cleaner than a very clean thing, the interior looks like it has never seen the touch of a human, let alone one with dirty shoes, the engine bay is so clean you could actually eat your dinner of it, although I would advise you to use a table for this as it’s considered normal.


According to the Enthusiast Auto Group located in Ohio, this M5 is nicely optioned with pretty much everything you would want in form of Park Distance Control, M-Audio with Enhanced Bass, Power Rear Sunshade with Door Blinds, DVD, Sat-Nav, likely price when new for this car was close to $100,000.


Prior to the sale EAG confirmed that they completed a “full recommissioning program” which is a very long way of saying they gave it a service to change out all the fluid and filters before the new owner took delivery, they also added a brand new set of Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres, because as we know 13-year-old tyres on a car like this would be a recipe for utter disaster.


If you know the about the M5 E39 then you will be fully aware that this car comes with the 4.9-litre V8 motor producing 394bhp, 0-60 is done in 4.8 seconds, the car has the usual limited top speed of 155mph, without the limiter, expect 186mph. Just remember that this is a 13-year-old car, 4.8 seconds to 60mph is still very relevant by today’s standards.


So, there you have it, a beautifully kept genuine low mileage BMW M5 E39, sadly $149k is way out of my price range and the fact that the wheel is on the wrong side and it’s in the wrong country are the only things that would have stopped me buying this car.

Here is to hoping the new owner gets out and drives this magnificent example.