I am a huge BMW M5 fan, from the sharknose model in the 80’s to the current V8 twin turbo monster, it’s always been a favorite of mine and If you’re in the market for an M5 then you’re in luck as a collection of seven such M5s will go under the hammer at the Classic Car Auctions, on June 6th 2015.

The private collection which has been put together over a 4-year period covers nearly every era of the M5’s rich history from the Sharknose 80’s model to the bangled V10 model.

All these cars are pretty rare and carry the potential of being considered a future or current classic. This means the desirability of these cars will only increase, thus escalating their value in the future.

Starting the collection is a pair of E28s. The red car is a bona fide M5 while the other similar looking car carries is a still rare M535i.. The M535i was merely a slightly more‘M’ sporty version of the regular 535i and didn’t have any BMW Motorsport parts. Still, it remains sought after car thanks to the early 5 series popularity.

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The M5 is an utter beast. When launched it was the fastest saloon car  in the world. This was achieved by adding the M88 engine – a 3.5-litre, 24-valve DOHC inline-six lifted from the M1 supercar. A pure racing power-plant with individual throttle bodies and intake trumpets, which boasted 282 bhp. The car was built by hand in Germany; it had the aerodynamics properties of a brick and the U.S version suffered a power drop to 256 bhp. Nonetheless, the M5 E28 is one of the rarest modern BMWs. The example on sale has 176,000 miles on the clock.

Next on the auction block will be a pair of E34s saloon’s and a Touring. The E34 M5 was also built by hand, like its predecessor the E28. The Touring model is of identical layout as any other E34 M-badged vehicle, here however its’s the body style makes it the rarest of the collection. A mere 891 touring bodied cars were built. The 3.8-litre straight 6 engine, producing 335 bhp powers the Touring in addition to the black cars on sale. The Macao blue metallic car, with the smaller classic looking 17-inch turbine rims, is instead powered by the 3.6-litre straight 6 engine, producing a reduced figure of 311 bhp.

The E39 BMW M5 is now a modern classic. Also it was the first M5 to be produced with a V8 engine producing a new benchmark level of horsepower for a performance saloon cars of 394bhp. The example for sale is a pre-facelift model and comes in Imola Red which is exceptionally rare as an M5 color scheme.

The shining star of the collection has to be the E60 M5 25th anniversary edition. This limited edition M5 celebrates 25 years of M5 existence. It’s one of just 25 cars ever built and comes one-off Frozen Silver Metallic finish. The 5.0-litre V10 inspired from Formula 1 still sets the benchmark for performance saloon cars by producing 500 bhp from a naturally aspirated 10 cylinder engine.

Besides the E60 with an estimated sale price of £25,000 – £28,000, all other M5’s are offered at no reserve.

A great collection I hope you will agree, I think I’ll be bidding on the E28 M5 myself!.