Is That Not A Normal M4?

Yes, in a way, but with more power and a smidge of a performance increase you should think of this as an M4 that’s been turned up to eleven. It’s the BMW M4 Competition Package, the car that the M4 should have been in the first place.

All this turning up to eleven results in a shade more power from the 3.0-litre twin turbo straight six that sits behind those now-black kidney grilles. Now, 444bhp which is a 19bhp increase over the standard car. The torque remains the same as the standard car as well with 405ib-ft making the horizon approach faster.

The power bump cuts a single tenth from the 0-62mph which is now dispensed with in 4.0 seconds for the DCT equipped model tested here. No change to the top speed either which remains at the gentleman’s agreed limit of 155mph.

Like An M4 But With More Menace And Intent

When I first laid eyes on the M4 Competition in the press release, I wanted to hate it, shiny wheels and more price I thought. However I was wrong, very wrong, when you lay eyes on this version of the M4 the 20” wheels suit it down to the ground. The party piece on my test was the optional ceramic brakes costing a huge £6,250, this setup gives you gold brake calipers, when viewed through the massive wheels the whole thing comes together to give the M4 Competition the looks of a proper performance ‘M’ car.

Add to this the black versions of every trim piece from the kidney grilles to the badge and exhaust tips that tell you you’re driving something rather mean and menacing, here it just comes together nicely to make it stand out from the normal car. The current generation 4-Series is one of the better-looking cars currently available, the M4 Competition is the most exciting looking model of the range, as you would expect.

Race Seats And Heads Up Display Goodness

If you have sat inside a BMW in recent years then all will be familiar to you, everything is laid out for the driver, as in not only where you expect it, but where you need it to be while driving.

You also get special seats in this model, basically, they have holes in them to put it in layman’s terms, either way, they are superbly comfortable and hold the driver in place beautifully as the going gets fast and or twisty.

Everything inside is very BMW like, as in well made and simple to use, the soft-touch materials are strong quality. I have no doubt that you could spend many hours inside this car trailing along the autobahn’s emerging at your destination without the need for any kind of physical therapy.

One thing I do need to mention is the heads up display, this is excellent, and in fact, I’d say it’s one of the items that would make me actually buy a BMW. When driving it just works, as it feeds relevant information to the driver without being a distraction, also the theater of switching the car into ‘M’ mode gives you a whole new exciting setup to look at as the revs rise on the now race inspired display.

Huge Turbo Power That You Can Actually Use

Firstly, the M4 Competition is a quick car, as expected you would think, but, it’s more about the way it delivers its power. As you work your way through the excellent and very quick DCT paddle shifts in ‘M’ mode it just feels very usably quick.

The 3.0-litre straight six has virtually no turbo lag to speak of, by that I mean virtually none at all. Plant the right pedal to the floor and you are greeted with a linear torquey power delivery from the off.

All this acceleration is accompanied by the pleasing growling engine note; it just spurs you on to rev the motor higher and harder as you blip the paddles to upshift through the gears. In the real world, 0-62mph and top speed are pretty much redundant, but, driving the M4 Competition is an easy task. There is not a sniff of snap oversteer to be had, it’s a car that can actually use its formidable power on the road as opposed to waiting to be unleashed on the track.

The ease of use though is the M4 Competition’s shining quality; it’s a planted drive that gives the driver a large amount of feedback from the rear end, in order to get it to step out of line you either have to be doing something you shouldn’t be or a complete fool. In the corners, it’s the same story, strong steering with a lot of feeling, immensely powerful and progressive brakes, coupled with a firm but excellent suspension setup and it just comes together as a great alternative to a supercar. Don’t get me wrong, it will never keep up with a true supercar, but if you want something that’s bullet quick that offers a rewarding and engaging drive then look no further.

So, Should You Buy The M4 Competition Pack?

It’s exactly £3,000 more for Competition M4 than the standard car, for this money it’s a must-have, simple as. The M4 Competition is a neck snapping brute when you want it to be with good road manners when you just want to get somewhere.

The whole package of small tweaks and the added visual aspects which set it apart from lesser M4’s make it a great everyday useable car that you can actually have fun with on the open road.

Price – £60,065 (as tested £74,575)




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