The BMW M3 Versions You Always Wanted But Could Never Have

To mark the BMW M3’s 30th birthday, BMW has decided to taunt us by showing us some concept versions of the M3 that we always wanted, but the carmaker decided we couldn’t have because they like making the world sad by showing us things we can never have.

E30 Pickup Truck


First up the E30 M3 Pickup truck, this was based on the E30 convertible hence the lack of flared arch work normally found on the E30 M3. This one-off pickup though has sadly never seen a road in anger since being built.

This E30 M3 has been used at BMW’s Garching plant to move tools and equipment around, also BMW engineers denied this pickup the standard M3’s 2.3-litre inline four-cylinder engine and instead gave it the 2.0-litre S13 motor which is found in the Italian version of the E30 M3. The smaller and less powerful motor was deployed in this market as a tax-friendly move, whatever that means.


This truck worked it’s way around the Garching plant for a staggering 26 years before being granted retirement in 2012, no word on the miles this thing has clocked up but if it ever comes up for sale there will be no shortage of buyers for certain.

E93 Pickup Truck

bmw-m3-pickupAfter E30 M3 Pickup was retired in 2012 the Garching plant needed a replacement, clearly using the same formula BMW’s boffins came up with this, The E93 M3 Pickup Truck. Based again on the convertible M3 the E93 Pickup Truck goes one better than its predecessor by actually being road-legal.

BMW even managed to taunt us by stating that this M3 Pickup was a real production car by way of a very cruel April Fools prank, bad BMW.


Irrespective of the cruelty involved by again giving us something we can never have, you know you want the keys to this thing as with all the weight loss by the chopping off of various parts it must be an absolute hoot to drive.

E36 M3 Compact


The BMW 3-series compact was a love it or hate it car for me, I always viewed it as not being a real BMW and one that you only bought if you couldn’t afford the real thing, thankfully BMW shared my view point and killed it.

However, in M3 form it does make a lot more sense, I mean, it’s a whopping 150kg lighter than a standard full-length M3 which means it would have been super quick and possibly quite dangerous to boot.


Just think about it for a minute, a 321bhp straight-six motor in a car this light and dare I say compact, the M3 Compact was actually a design exercise to see if a production car was possible. Undoubtedly any production version would have been detuned due to the danger of having such huge power in such a small bodyshell but just think what it could have been, utterly insane is a good way of describing it.

Thankfully BMW allowed us to have the M2 which possibly owes its existence to this prototype model.

BMW E46 M3 Touring


Now, the BMW M3 has never been produced in touring form, we have been taunted over the years by rumours of production but they have always been killed off by BMW before any kind of test mule is ever sighted.

Again like the M3 Compact this was a design exercise to work out if a road-going version was possible and if it wasn’t going cost an absolute fortune to put into production. Sadly, the proposed costs of setting up production including the squeezing of the M3’s wider track into the touring bodyshell proved too much for BMW to greenlight this amazing looking car.


The world still dreams of an M3 touring and only hopes that one day BMW will give us our wish.

The BMW M3 ’30 Jahre’ Edition


After all this taunting, BMW has also shown us a special M3 you can buy, the M3 ’30 Jahre’ edition is the 30th-anniversary gift to us all.


Sporting 450bhp and a 0-60 time of 4.0 seconds thanks to various enhancements which give you a 19bhp power bump, the ’30 Jahre’ is a car you can actually buy and use on the road, this is unless all 500 cars are sold, which they probably are so you can’t have one after all so go away.


Thanks again BMW for dashing all of our hopes and dreams…..