A recent render on BMWblog caught my eye today as it’s clearly something all BMW ‘M’ cars should be available as,  estate touring spec, a wagon, an avant, call it what you will as it’s stormingly good looking:

Most people myself included would give a limb for one of these as it would be immense.

Just think Audi RS4 avant or Mercedes AMG C63 estate and you get my drift, think of your kids and Labrador vomiting all over the back as you pull a 100mph sideways drift while the screeching of the tyres drowns out the screams and mass vomiting.

BMW even had a go at an ‘M’ sport wagon as recently as the V10 powered M5 which was a 207mph stormer.

So please BMW just build it for us, the kids and the Labradors that will fill it with vomit screams.