The heavily rumoured BMW M2 CS or CSL as it could be known appears to be edging closer to being a real road-going car as it is again spotted at the Nurburgring.


The mating of the M2 shell and the M4’s engine and suspension set-up sounds like a match made in ‘M’ car heaven to BMW enthusiasts the world over, this film shot at the Nurburgring is claiming that this test car is the M2 CS or CSL.

This prototype is rumoured to be equipped with the S55 engine from the M4 sporting around 400bhp, the reason for this swap is that the N55 six-cylinder motor from the M2 is almost at full capacity in terms of its tune hence the decision to swap to the motor from it’s larger more powerful sibling.

Whilst the rumours are pointing to an M2 CS or an M2 CSL in equal measure, at this point your guess is as good as mine until we see a ‘concept’ version at an upcoming show of some sort which as we all know will be the final version as BMW famously like to give us the concept of an upcoming ‘M’ car which usually is the final car.


The film clearly shows the camo’ed body work possibly hiding additional cooling vents and other such items required to cool the far more powerful motor and larger braking system. Given that there is a substantial gap between the M2 and the M4 in terms of pricing, expect this M2 CS or CSL or both to fill that gap in the range.