Clearly, this is a BMW M2, but, for reasons we are unsure of it’s wearing camo and it’s being flung around the Nurburgring very very quickly indeed. So, what else can this car be other than a lighter and faster version of the M2?

BMW have already previously dashed hopes of an ultra hardcore GTS version of the M2, however M-division boss Fran van Meel has been quoted as hinting that the German carmaker might be considering a CSL version of its baby M car.

The M2 is one of the finest M cars ever built; just think of a lighter, hardened version with more power, it simply doesn’t take much thinking about, it just makes perfect sense.

Aside from the M4 GTS BMW has denied us a CSL version of one of their M cars since the E46 M3 CSL in the early 2,000’s, if the M4 GTS is not your thing then the competition pack model range of the M5, M4 & the M3 is about as track focused as they get for your money.

What could you expect if this is indeed an M2 CSL, perhaps the engine from the M4, which would make sense for a huge power output, water injection would help this as well, a wider track and massive brakes, possibly ceramic. Also perhaps BMW could pay tribute to the E46 M3 CSL by putting in a cardboard boot floor so you can’t carry anything heavier than a tissue box or the letter that tells you that the tyres are useless if it rains, in the cold or if it’s a slightly windy day.

If the M2 CSL does pay direct homage to the M3 CSL, buy one and expect it to be worth five times its value a decade later…….