Ever year on 1st April carmakers taunt us with amazing reveals that are just to tease us, this year the pick have come from BMW, Lotus and McLaren with efforts that all focus around animals for some reason.

I don’t know about you guys, but some of this stuff is actually pretty cool. I mean, I would actually buy a dog just to get him his own personal BMW experience.

BMW – Dogs In Cars

Welcome to BMW dDrive, a dog basket to give your dog the thrill of the open road, without actually going on the open road. The most amazing thing about this is that BMW actually makes genuine branded accessories for your dog because after all, you’re not just buying a car, you’re buying a lifestyle.

This is a real BMW product, I kid you not

Lotus – Crash Helmets For Cats

Lotus have decided to give another four legged friend crash protection to enable them to go racing, yes, crash helmets for cats. It’s well known that all cats want to go racing, but only once they have decided which wall they are going to sit and stare at next. They even went to the trouble of confirming that the helmets weigh in at 25 Grams and can be personalized to with your furry companion’s name and blood group.  I’ll take one please Lotus, it will help my cat when it goes to war with the dogs over leftovers…

McLaren – Bodywork Made From (fake!) Feathers

Not to be outdone, McLaren has given us a new way of developing car body work for its 570GT. Carbon-fibre too heavy for you?  Here is the new benchmark, carbon feather wrap:

When you think about it, I have seen many YouTube videos of McLarens wrapped way worse than this which is saying something.