BMW have again dropped a new trailer for the upcoming debut of ‘The Escape’.  Finally we get to see the hero car and the news is good, the upcoming all-new 540i is confirmed as Clive Owen’s ride in the short film which drops on 23rd October.


I will hold my hands up and admit I was wrong in my last article, it’s not a 340i and I was wrong, you got me. The decision to use an all-new 540i makes perfect sense, think of the short film as the best advert for a new car ever made, although by the looks of the trailer the new model is in for a rough ride and does appear to be picking up some minor dings along the way along with possibly some bullet holes followed by a very angry looking Jon Bernthal attempting to smash his way into the car.

The trailer reveals a little more of the upcoming action for us, we have some flying Hummer H1’s, a man abseils from a helicopter and some delicious BMW 5-series in action showing us what it’s made of.


Lead actor Clive Owen looks as cool as ever being one of the first people outside of BMW to get a drive in the new 5-series, Jon Bernthal looks as angry and bearded as ever and Dakota Fanning still looks rather scared, the trailer is action packed though so hopefully the full short will be in keeping with this theme.

Are you excited yet? BMW Films, The Escape will be released on 23 October.