BMW Films – The Escape Trailer

After a long and painful hiatus BMW films are returning to car fans everywhere with ‘The Escape’ going live on 23 October, following the sneak peek preview BMW has given us a very brief trailer previewing what looks to be an action packed short film.

So, what can we see in this trailer, an unknown BMW hero car for a start but more on that later, Jon Berthal looks menacing and angry while Dakota Fanning looks slightly scared, Clive Owen simply looks like the driver should, as in this is his role, silent and brooding but highly effective at what he does.

No reveal on the hero car yet but from the screen shots below, I’m betting a 3-Series saloon, 340i seems most likely and it has to be an M-Sport model:

Dakota Fanning looking somewhat scared
A wheel of a car, likely a BMW, obvious right

The wheels and rear window line match up to the below configurator picture taken from BMW’s own website:


Regardless, BMW films is back and they look amazing. The Escape drops on 23 October.