In 2017 carmakers including the likes of BMW, Ferrari and Porsche are attemping to provide accessories for your chosen car like never before. A massive multitude of items you never knew you needed are available. Items such as matching luggage, embossed jackets and even plush toys for your feral offspring, after all, you’re not just buying a car, you’re buying a lifestyle.

Here I have collated a short list of some of the most unnecessary items ever to be conceived by carmakers, during my research I came across such items as branded dog leads (seriously) and even branded children’s school accessories.

BMW – Ultimate Driving Eating Machine

Yes, the title is not a misprint, BMW actually make branded accessories for your beloved canine. To give its full title ‘BMW Genuine Active Pet Dog Food Water Dish Bowl Olive Green’ Now, I am struggling to see the ‘Active’ part of the title; also, does this mean your dog becomes the ‘Ultimate Eating Machine’

Ferrari – Game Of Carbon Fibre Chess Anyone?

Not to be outdone, Ferrari decided to give the word a chess set, not just any old chess set at that, this one is made of carbon fibre no less, which is the same stuff they make their cars from.

Ferrari says that this chess set is made from “carbon fibre covered wood and features the enamelled metal Ferrari shield on the front” and that “The knight piece is inspired by the Prancing Horse” The burning question, though, with all this carbon fibre, will it make chess any quicker I wonder? The price of all this lifestyle greatness, £1,600, again, I kid you not.

Porsche – Generating Downforce In Your Living Room

Lastly, Porsche with their attempt at inventing the humble bookshelf, may I present you with the GT3 Cup Shelf. According to Porsche, this is an original item, I can only assume that there are many Porsche 911 GT3’s skidding around as they are missing their spoilers.

No word on if this bookshelf actually creates downforce in your living room, but I will admit, I quite like it, I mean; it would look pretty good on my living room wall. It should, however, come with a strict caveat, if you don’t own a 911 GT3 you cannot buy one, simple.