From #BMWstories this unique collector whom resides in Southern Cali and asked to remain anonymous. The unknown collector has a tough story to tell starting when he became homeless at the mere age of 17 years old.


However between that event and today he didn’t let this stop him becoming a success while gathering one of the most comprehensive BMW collections outside of the company’s own.

image1The collection is housed in a secret warehouse in Southern Cali, totalling 45 cars it includes a BMW 700 RS which is a single one of only two ever built.


Also included is a number of classic models, a 2002 TI, various 5’s, 3’s. This collector asked to remain anonymous as he did not put together the collection for infamy but for the fact that he simply love’s BMW’s and whole ethos of owning ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’.


A great film I hope you will agree.