Just take a look at this, it’s the all-new ‘concept’ version of the reincarnated BMW 8 Series. Whilst it’s still officially called a concept, it’s confirmed the new 8 Series is green lit for production so don’t expect the production model to stray too far from what you see here.

A Reincarnation Of The 8 Series Done Right

With concept cars there is always a worry when a teaser showing only minor details is released that the carmaker may have got it wrong, here though, BMW has got it absolutely right and produced something quite stunning to look at.

The new 8 Series has the Mercedes S-Class Coupe in its sights, this new model will offer the highest level of luxury and will undoubtedly incorporate the latest of BMW’s quickly advancing technology.

From Concept To Production

The concept features a number of design cues, a majority of which will make production with some sadly remaining purely conceptual for the near future. At the front the 8-Series features a striking redesign of the trademark kidney grilles; this design is expected to be a sign of intent in terms of future designs for upcoming models.

Sadly we wouldn’t expect that stunning looking steering wheel to make the production model along with some of the interior features, these are likely to be replaced with the current spec items you can find in the current 7 Series model. Items such as the 21-inch wheels will likely make the final car, which is a very good thing as they add to the presence of the thing.

BMW has used the same chassis platform as the current 7 Series and 5 Series models, both of these cars have excellent driving dynamics. So you can expect the 8 Series to be similar if not better, in as that all are very big cars, but when driving them they feel both fully agile and cohesive to drive.

Many Engines And xDrive?

There are no details yet of what the 8 Series will be packing in terms of firepower; you should expect variations to include an 850i and an 840i which will lift motors straight from the current BMW range, which could include possibly the motor from the upcoming M5 F90 model. BMW could even equip the new 8 Series with its excellent xDrive system, models we can but hope for could the 850d with the 394bhp quad-turbo diesel motor lifted from the current 5 Series.

Regardless of if you think fitting an oil burner in an 8 Series is potential sacrilege it’s a great thing that BMW has decided to finally revive the model after 20 long years of hurt.