BMW has confirmed that it’s iconic 8-Series will return to their model line up some two decades after the original model ceased production much to the dismay of BMW fans everywhere.

Development of the new 8-Series has been underway for some time with BMW deciding that there is room in their line-up for a model to rival the Mercedes S-Class coupe. Thankfully they have decided to give the world back a model it’s been missing for the last two decades.

BMW has even provided a teaser image showing the outline of the new car which is expected to be unveiled in concept form (read: almost final production spec) at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este later this month.

Having a good look at the teaser image, which reveals little detail aside from the lines of the car itself, gone are the pop-up headlamps which are no longer viable in 2017 due to pedestrian safety regulations, what is revealed is a sweeping lines of the big coupe and wide rear arch work leading to a mini ducktail-style rear end.

Expect some of BMW’s more powerful engine options to make it into this new 8-Series, straight-six motors with turbos should happen, we can also hope and pray for an M8 version that borrows the upcoming M5 twin-turbo V8 motor which would be very fast indeed.

Well done BMW for giving car people a model which was always loved, now, announce an M8 and make us all really happy.