The practice of picking up an old Luxo barge such as a BMW 7-Series E38 and slamming it can be a divisive thing, some will say it ruins the car, others will say it’s improving what went before and keeping an old car on the road.

A Bargain For So Much 740iL

This BMW 740iL belongs to Brandon from Tucson, it cost only $1,250 with 200,000 miles on the clock. It started life in silver and now it’s looking stunning in red with suspension so low that you couldn’t get a post it note under there. Add the later model E65 7-Series style 95 wheels to the mix and the results are just immense.

The E38 is still one of the best looking cars to roll out of Bavaria, even after all these years it still makes you want one. The beauty of this build is that it’s simple, new paint, slammed suspension and mechanical repairs in the form of cooling system re-fit, add BMW produced 19’ wheels and job done.

It Actually Drives Well

In the latest ‘One Take’ update from Matt Farah he puts the low-riding E38 to the test on some awesome canyon roads, the surprising results are that it doesn’t drive like crap despite hugging the ground in such a way.

This build has been done tastefully in a way that some stance tuners should take note, as in Brandon has taken this tired 740iL and saved it from being junked with a discrete rebuild that has given the old bimmer a new lease on life. As long as he never tries to enter a driveway then it should remain that way.