Are you dissatisfied with the amount of turbochargers bolted onto your current car, twin turbo’s not enough for you? Good news, the BMW 550D is here to save you from being a mere mortal, contained within this very pretty diesel engine is a total of four, yes, four turbochargers.

Monster Power Output

All these turbochargers give the 550D a whopping 394bhp and a planet reversing 561lb ft of torque, these numbers alone don’t really give you the full picture either. 0-62mph comes round in 4.4 seconds which is only a numberplates width (one tenth) down on the outgoing F10 M5. All of this power and torque propels the 550D all the way to 155mph with relative ease via the slick eight-speed automatic gearbox.

The 3.0-litre engine that powers this monster is lifted straight from the current 750D model, this was possible as both the current 5-series and 7-series share the same platform so it dropped straight in, the benefits though, are that the 5-series is lighter and therefore quicker all in.

Real World Usability

Here though is where things get really interesting in terms of real world ability, peak torque is achieved at a mere 2,000rpm, this continues all the way to 3,000rpm with peak power arriving at the top end of the rev-banding at 4,400rpm. Basically, you can bullet overtake things with all that grunt being available from low down. If you drive the 550D normally then BMW say that 40mpg is possible for the saloon model, with the touring getting close to that with 38mpg but having added wow factor due to it being a wagon.

So, for real world useable performance it appears that BMW has given the world a real winner here, all that power, daily reliability and reasonable running costs, what’s not to like.