Earlier this week the nice people at BMW UK shared with me a sneak peak of the all-new 5-Series, as this reveal was under embargo I didn’t write it up because I’m nice like that. Thanks to the power of the internet you’ve already seen the damn thing after yesterday’s leaked images.


Now, BMW has made their official reveal, welcome the all new ‘G30’ 5-series. First up, the looks, it looks a lot like the 7-series which is a very good thing as both are handsome cars, you can tell it’s a BMW as it just has that familial look about it, I happen to think that it’s a handsome looking thing, good job BMW.

At the front you have the BMW standard kidney grilles, reworked intakes, at the back you have the revised style deeper recessed rear lights that become part of the boot, other features include, rather fetching side air ducts which just finishes off the design nicely.


This all new 5-series has also been on a fairly large diet, a whole 100kg has been lost compared to the outgoing model, this amazing feat was achieved thanks to BMW’s new Cluster Architecture (or CLAR), this combined with aluminium and magnesium bodywork has led to resulting weight loss.

The inside has also been given a complete work over, as standard you now get an 8.7-inch screen on the dashboard, if you option the business navigation system then you can have a 10.2-inch version, basically like choosing what type of iPad you want on your dash, also included is BMW’s excellent iDrive system and the now familiar rotary controller. Other additions include voice control and gesture control should you need the choice of either shouting or waving at your system. During my meet with BMW UK they expressed that when buyers are choosing a car, technology is one of the factors that they consider most important.


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The 5-series is also semi-autonomous in a similar way to the system found in the Volvo S90. BMW have confirmed it provides an “early foretaste of automated driving,” this means that the car is able to assist steering input to ensure you stay in lane and apply the brakes all the way up to 130mph. The new 5-Series also has sensors that can detect if you’re holding the steering wheel or not, the system is somewhat idiot proof in as that in heavier traffic you still need to do some steering work.

The G30 also features optional Integral Active Steering, which is a fancy way of saying you get rear-wheel steering, this can also be can optioned on the all-wheel drive versions for the first time.


The engines start at the base 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder motor with 188bhp in the 520i, you get the same motor in the 530i but power is increased to 248bhp.

At launch, the range-topping petrol motor will be the 3.0-litre turbo six in the 540i, producing 335bhp, although later in 2017 the mighty M550i xDrive packing 4.4 litres of V8 turbo power producing a huge 455bhp. The M550i will also run the 0-62 sprint in 4.0 seconds which as quick as the outgoing M5 Competition Pack, meaning it’s very quick indeed.

Other models will include 530e which is a plug-in hybrid model joining BMW’s growing E-drive line-up.

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In terms of the diesel models which should be the biggest sellers here in the UK, the 520D gets the usual 188bhp 2.0-litre four banger motor; the 530d gets a 3.0-litre straight six with 261bhp. Mpg for both of these motors as determined by science and not actual people doing real-world driving is 68.9mpg for the 20d and 60.1mpg for the 30d, expect these to be big sellers in the fleet market.

A prediction I can make is that the new M5 will be quicker than the 455bhp M550i, so expect 600bhp or well over that if BMW decides to go completely mad, also expect four wheel drive if you want to be bold like me. I would expect the all-new M5 to be pushing mid 3’s in terms of 0-62 time as it has to be quicker or what’s the point of buying the thing, we can only but hope.

The new 5-series will official debut at the Detroit Motor Show, the G30 5-series will go on sale in markets around the world in February, priced from £36,025 on the road.

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