Historically, BMW teases us with a concept car that is the design team’s way of honoring its classic models. Most recent was the gorgeous M1 Hommage, In 2011 it was the truly bonkers 328 roadster BMW. Yesterday the automaker finally unveiled are imagining of its timeless 1970s coupé with the all-new 3.0 CSL Hommage concept car.
Just look at the thing – it’s simply stunning, from the oversized rear spoiler to the seemless body kit look, to the “Yellow” coloring — is sure to capture people eye but that’s sort of the whole point of concept cars in the first place. Unlike the i8, this car won’t be produced at all.
However before you fire off many protest emails/tweets to BMW there are many things to like about this concept. Firstly there is the truly gorgeous futureist cockpit. TheYellow color continues here in the piping and stitching of the race style seats, especially contrasted against the jet-black material. The furlturistic steering wheel also fits right in and looks stunning  and is very similar to the one found in the recently unveiled Golf GTE Sport concept car. Pay close attention you’ll also see such details as the classic BMW blue and red striping a curved wooden dashboad and the minimal look of the dial cluster and dashboard screen.

Overall it was simply worth the wait, now build it BMW as it will make a lot of people happy.

Full photos and design drafts below along with the concept team hard at work, enjoy.