BMW’s 2002 Hommage concept car was not exactly what you would call my favourite Hommage to date, in fact, I wasn’t really that taken with it.

I did say that it simply looked like a BMW M2, upon which it’s based, that had been crashed into West Coast Customs. I will admit when I am wrong, but in this case I wasn’t, whilst I do like the 2002 Hommage, it didn’t wow me like the previous BMW Hommages.

However, BMW has now improved the 2002 Hommage a whole lot by giving it some seriously cool German themed racing livery:

BMW 2002 Hommage - Turbomeister - 6 BMW 2002 Hommage - Turbomeister - 1

This epic looking all-new orange and black livery is emblazoned on the 2002 Hommage on show at this week’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, by god what an improvement a paint job makes.

BMW 2002 Hommage - Turbomeister - 5 BMW 2002 Hommage - Turbomeister - 10

BMW, can I please ask you a question, why is this type of thing not an option on your road going ‘M’ cars, I mean look at it, cool is a word, super-cool is another word, turbomeister is the word I would use.

Just think of an M3 emblazoned like this, you could stand out from the crowd until you park next to an identical car at the golf club.

Well done BMW, the 2002 Hommage just got a whole lot better, now please introduce liveries as an optional extra on a selection of your road-going cars, you know it makes sense.

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