Car adverts these days are a pretty tame affair, cue some generic shots of a the chosen motor being driven somewhere stunning at a rather sedate pace, this all while demonstrating the car’s main selling point, such as practically, the fact that your kids will like it and won’t vomit in it, or such things as you fit a lot of crap in it.

You get the general idea that car adverts are pretty rubbish, unlike the YouTube films of a car-makers finest models being flung sideways around a corner, TV adverts unfortunately have to comply with a vastly different array of rules in order to be no fun at all.

Here is the revised version:

You rarely hear a thumping exhaust note as a soundtrack, as this would be fun and or entertaining which is not allowed. Audi have recently been a victim of such stupidity, they have made an advert for the all new R8 V10, entitled ‘The Eye’, but you can’t see it because it’s banned. Why may you ask, because a single person complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), yes that is correct, a single complaint.

The statement from the ASA is as follows:

“Audi said they disagreed that the ad linked speed with excitement or that it was irresponsible. They said the ad was not about speed and was carefully shot (with cars travelling at speeds of less than 30 mph) and edited to avoid giving any impression of speed. Consequently, if the ad had shown excitement, it would not be linked with speed. However, Audi said the ad did not show excitement, as the dilating and contracting pupil denoted concentration and focus, which was a documented scientific phenomenon.”

In the ASA’s ruling, the organisation stated:

The ASA disagreed with VW Group/Audi’s response, stating that: “The ad breached BCAP Code rules 1.2 (Social responsibility) and 20.3 (Rules for motoring advertisements),” the problem being that “several upward changes of gear could be heard and we considered that, without clear visual context…it was likely to be interpreted by viewers as quick acceleration.”

The result of the ASA’s stupidity is that the wailing V10 noise that we all know and love, is gone, thanks ASA, fuck you all.

There was me thinking that as responsible human beings, as in we all know right from wrong, that we would be more than capable of making a correct and safe decision while behind the wheel. In a world of political correctness gone mad, this about takes the biscuit so to speak.

To the person that complained, fuck you as well; clearly you are the fun police.