Another Cars and Coffee event and another crash, this time you will be interested to know it’s not a Mustang. Somehow this Audi R8 managed all of about 100ft before ending up facing where it had just been being eaten by a hungry ditch.

Adding to the mystery, is the fact that this car is still wearing the dealer display numberplates and you can clearly see the blue protective bumpers that are attached to new cars pre-delivery, also present is a temporary dealer plate on the rear.

This clip manages somehow to miss the actual wreck and only pick up the sound of the crash happening along with the aftermath of the R8 sitting rather forlornly looking sorry for its self stuck in the aforementioned ditch.

Can I just ask, what the hell was the driver doing, you have Quattro four-wheel drive which encompasses some of the most advanced systems to keep you on the road and then you lose it spinning a full 180 degree’s into a ditch, not a great end to a Cars and Coffee event for sure.

Maybe the car was brand new and merely on display at this event, most likely it was a dealer display car being driven home by a dealer employee who is currently looking for a new job…..