The Aston Martin Valkyrie, the British carmakers all new hypercar that alleged to produce a biblical amount of horsepower with over a 1,000 ponies to keep the very wealthy owners amused.

Scanning In 3D

In order to fulfil an order for a car, each owner will have to submit to a 3D body scan. Not for anything medical or security related mind you, it’s so that Aston can custom make the driver’s seat for each and every customer.

So, if a potential owner is the size of John Cena and thensome, don’t let yourself go otherwise you may rattle around while driving your multi million pound hypercar. Some goes for those that are on the leaner side. Gorge yourself on too much caviar and the finest venison and again you will need a new seat as you won’t fit all because your daily clothing of choice will be a pregnancy dress.

Don’t Change – Whatever You Do

Being as rich as potential owners are, they can either pay for a personal trainer (hard work) or take the simpler route of having liposuction to ensure they can still climb behind the wheel of the most expensive tailor made item they will ever likely own.

The Valkyrie is estimated to cost between 2.5 and 3.5 million pounds, and as usual if you want one you can’t have one as they are all sold out. This beast of a hypercar will come in track only and road-legal versions and is expected to stir up the hypercar world when it drops later this year.




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