Usually housewarmings are timid affairs, everyone ends up standing in the kitchen passing judgement on your new digs while ruining the carpets of your nice new abode. Aston Martin recently moved factories to a new facility and decided to hold a housewarming with a difference, the only invitees in attendance were a ton of horsepower with copious amounts of powersliding.

Aston’s Greatest Hits

Aston Martin delved into its greatest hits catalogue with everything from the Vantage, the DB4, One-77 all the way to the bonkers Vulcan and a few of their formidable race cars in order to christen their new digs.

All of this heavy metal chimes in with a combined value of £65m, as you can see here, all £65m worth was put to good use in an orgy of growling powersliding heaven.

Signet & Vulcan

Even the Signet gets a bow in this clip, being rightly circled by the Vulcan and One-77 in a Jaws-esqe threatening motion. Best house warming ever, I think so…..