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I remember the Escort RS Cosworth in the early 1990’s, superspeed for budget price. In Essex, UK these things were everywhere. Mostly featuring the same twin lamp conversion with a big turbo, chip, chargecooler work pushing around 400 to 500bhp. Even Jeremy Clarkson owned one for a while before the insurance premium forced him to sell it!.

Most of the RS’s ate their gearboxes for the fun of it however due to the increase in power, this one however doesn’t suffer that issue as it in fact has a new heart and a new transmission in the form of a 2.9L Cosworth V6 and an automatic gearbox.


I admit I was like ‘whhhhaaaatttt the f**k’ but when you read the story you will understand why.



Again small subtle touches and mods to this car make it look stunning and hide its transformation perfectly.


A great car I am sure you will agree.