Distracted driving is a hot topic here in the UK, with recent high-profile tragedies of drivers causing deaths due to using their phones making headline news.

A Faraday Cage For The Weak

Far enough? not really as it still requires that magical thing called ‘willpower’

Even Nissan has decided to give us a faraday cage for your car in an attempt to stop us being distracted by our phones while driving. The UK government has implemented higher penalties for drivers caught using a phone while driving, if caught you can now get ‘up to’ a £200 fine and six penalty points on your license.

The DVLA has also finally updated the driver’s test here in the UK, learner drivers will have to learn how to follow a sat-nav system amongst other trivial changes that are meant to produce a safer generation of new drivers.

Near Misses In Rush Hour

Too little, too late I say, as only the other day I almost got taken out by a man in a Vauxhall Insignia, thankfully I managed to spot that he had little intention of slowing down on his approach to a roundabout that I was already present on, in the end, though he spotted my rather large bright silver BMW complete with flashing orange beacon that indicated I was coming his way, he promptly came to a halt with both his front and rear wheels across the white line from behind which you’re supposed to give way.

A very confused kitten, or is it an Insignia driver?

As I completed my turn to my exit without being involved in a fiery accident the driver had a confused look on his face similar to a kitten that has just returned from being castrated at the vets, then it all becomes obvious as I spot a familiar gold bar in his hand with a familiar fruit logo stamped on the back of it, yes, the idiot was on the phone. In a built up area in rush hour no less, all of this in a car that is clearly equipped with Bluetooth phone functionality.

Watching Distracted Drivers At Work

This is sadly not a solitary incident, on rare occasions when sitting in traffic stationary, I sometimes try to do a bit of car spotting, what I mainly see is a collection of hum-drum cars and an awful lot of driver’s eyes not where they should be, as in looking at the road.

Time and time again you just see drivers with their eyes facing downwards, If they are simply reading the many words embossed on their steering wheels then I apologize, chances are though that they are simply reading their f**king phones.

Maybe it’s a generational thing as I am quite old and mostly broken but, do you really need to like your friend’s book of face update whilst in control of a ton or more of metal that will likely hurt someone if you bump into them.

No, is the simple answer. Do you see racing drivers listen to music while driving racecars, do they text or update their Facebook pages while driving, no, because they are focused on the business of bloody driving a car.

Do you want to text, Snapchat or Facebook while driving? do the world a massive favor and don’t be an amateur, walk instead.