Normally I would stay away from supercar vloggers videos, whilst I am a fan what these guys do, there is always a strong chance most of you have seen it anyhow as your already following them.

Tim And Timo Glock Get Sliding

In the case of this clip though, it is something rather special. Tim Burton aka Shmee150 gets to drive the prototype of the all-new BMW M5 F90. As you will see in this clip, Tim gets an exclusive preview of the new M5 and a drive alongside F1 legend Timo Glock.

Usually, a carmaker wouldn’t let any type of motoring journalist near their multi-million-pound test mule. Here though be prepared to be surprised as both Timo and Tim give the M5 a good and thorough thrashing around the test track, they give us some insight into the 4WD mode and the difference between 4WD Sport and 2WD mode.

4WD Sport And 2WD Mode Equal Slidey Fun

At around the 10:00 mark in this clip, you will see Tim demonstrate the various modes, as he selects the 4WD Sport mode the car begins to slide but the system kicks in to make it controllable. The full on 2WD mode offers more of the same but requires more driver input to keep the car restrained.

While this is a short preview, what it does give us is a demonstration of the new M5’s capability to get all slidey and raucous at the press of a few buttons along with a stab of the throttle. It gives the car world a strong sense that BMW has got this one right by adding 4WD to the new M5.