Jaguar has successfully managed to enter the crowded SUV market with its first debut entry to the market in the form of the rather pretty and sporty F-Pace. Available in either petrol or diesel variants offering up to 380ps, F-Pace customers have several options available to them aside from a true fire-breathing out and out performance model, now that appears to be changing with what looks like the rumoured range-topping SVR version of the crossover being spied testing at the Nürburgring.


A large amount of changes made to the premium SUV’s styling is clearly obvious, even with the camouflage swirl-effect body wrap. You can see the large air intakes at the lower corners of the front bumper, clearly channelling the large amounts of air required for the more powerful motor. The entire car looks more hunkered down and lower over the massive wheels, giving the SVR version a more aggressive stance.


So, what’s under the bonnet of the F-Pace SVR, Jaguar likes to deploy their magnificent 5.0 V8 supercharged motor, producing between 510ps to 575ps , this motor is used in the carmaker’s insane range-topping models, from the footage, the motor on test certainly sounds like a V8.


In fact, the noise is magnificent, defiantly the noise of a proper Jaguar. Sounding much like the F-Type R that I tested recently you should expect a similar power output in the realm of 500bhp or greater.