When carmakers test prototypes they usually take them to a multitude of places to get them ready for production. Hot weather testing for example usually takes place in a very hot location, likewise for cold weather testing which will annoy polar bears or other such cold living wildlife.

So Things Don’t Fall Off

The entire process is geared to ensure that new models work as they should when they get to mass production, as in to make sure that nothing falls off and they don’t break down.  

Apparently, I now live in such a test location when I spotted the new 2018 Ford Focus being tested in Brentwood, Essex. It’s neither very hot or very cold here in Brentwood and we don’t have any polar bears, it’s all a tiny bit chavvy with some orange people milling around.

No Future As A Spy Photographer

I can only apologize for the pictures, I had a simple choice, keep my dignity and not run after the car or not. In fact, I’m so bad at this prototype spotting lark that I only caught the car from the back, sorry…..

What To Expect From The New Focus

What to expect from the new model? – not much can be seen behind all the camouflage, but what I could make out was the redesigned rear pillars, and what appears a more streamlined look for the car from the headlamps forward. The car also looks slightly larger than the current generation which will be a key selling point.

You can also expect the new Focus to take a leaf from the upcoming new Fiesta when it comes to the revamp of the inside.

In terms of what will power the 2018 Focus, rumors are that a trio of turbocharged 1.0-litre three-cylinder EcoBoost petrol engines will be available in 99, 123 and 138hp outputs. Add in a couple of diesel units in 1.5 and 2.0-litre respectively meaning there is enough choice to keep buyers amused for days.

No word on the hotter ST or RS models yet, these usually roll out a year or two after the standard models hit the road.