2018 BMW M5 Prototype Drive

The 2018 BMW M5 is being developed under the codename ‘F90’, to date the new model has been caught testing while heavily disguised on public roads and of course the world famous ‘Green Hell’ the Nurburgring.

The revised M5 is thought to have undergone some exciting weight loss,  which should mean more excellent speed! this process is rumoured to include the inclusion of exotic materials such as high strength steels or carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) some of which have never been seen on an M5 before.

The current generation M5 F10 is a bit of a heavyweight tipping the scales at a not exactly light close to two tonnes! Therefore the hope is that this construction diet will help it shed the pounds making it even faster than its predecessor.

This exciting news continues with the M5 F10’s engine choice, no shrinkage to a V-6 here as it’s going to retain its growly V-8 twin turbo set-up, whilst this motor is expected to be based on the preceding V-8 motor, the one found in the F90 M5 will be further optimized to deliver maximum power at a wider rpm range, yet the power won’t exceed by much the 600bhp mark. Further rumours suggest the V-8 could produce as much as 620bhp which is a very good figure indeed.

Also rumoured and for the first time ever in a true ‘M’ Sport division car, the fact that the F90 M5 could have an XDrive system meaning the first all-wheel drive ‘M’ car ever, before you start giving me all the hatefulness that only the internet can deliver, the XDrive system in the F90 M5 has been developed specifically for the F90 M5, with the sole task of retaining the driving dynamics of a rear-wheel drive super saloon, basically all weather grip along the actual dynamics of a rear-wheel drive set-up, therefore now you can drive it in the snow and get it sideways on a track should the mood take you.

Further changes may or may not include magnificent sounding laser lights along with OLED rear lights; basically, it’s going to be a bloody marvellous.

Here via excellent YouTuber ‘cvdzijden’ is the a short clip of the new F90 M5 being flung around the Nurburgring to within an inch of its life, clearly a camo and gaffa tape job has been done to hide the styling but nothing can hide the glorious sound of that magnificent V-8, kudos to the ‘M’ Division engineers for sticking with the V-8 rather than downsizing which I am betting was discussed at some point.

The F90 M5 is expected to launch in 2017.