The 2017 Ford GT has been seen out in the public domain rather a lot in recent months. Yes, many people took to social media to announce to the world that they have been chosen to buy one.

This coupled with a few random videos of the V6 Ecoboost motor being started up various show-only mules has given has a small preview of what Ford’s latest hypercar will actually sound like but aside from that we have yet to see one in movement.

Until now that is: Ford has decided to release this short clip of a Ford GT at full chat doing a flying pass at an unknown test track. By god does it sound magnificent.

Sounding every bit like a jet fighter doing a fly past it does give us a brief glimpse of what to expect.

Likely some of this noise is generated by all of the active aero contained within the GT’s body structure, every detail on the car has been designed to either provide downforce, via air channeling or cooling via an exit for the many many liters of air that the Ford GT requires to achieve its massive 200mh+ top speed.

Now, is the Ford GT going to be the most anticipated car spot of 2017 or what?