After what seems like an eternity of waiting and some high level bitching about not being able to buy one; The first examples of the Ford GT have finally begun to roll off the production line.

The first deliveries are expected to take place before the year is out according to Ford, the first examples, however, are destined far closer to home. Ford Chairman Bill Ford Jr is first in line for the all-new supercar with Ford CEO Mark Fields destined to be the second recipient.

Assuming that both cars are delivered before the end of the year, you have to say quietly to yourself; what a way to end 2016!

Ford has confirmed that the GT will complete a four-year production cycle. A mere 250 examples will be produced each year.

Assuming this production output remains the same in the last two years of the cycle then around 1,000 examples of Ford’s new supercar will be roaming the planet. Ford received over 6,000 applications for the allocation of the first two years production cycle of 500 cars. A lot of disappointed potential customers were left to complain via the internet about their dismay at not being chosen. Future confirmed owners include electronic dance musician Deadmau5 and car vlogger Shmee150 (aka Tim Burton). Once the Ford GT’s start to roll out of the factory you can expect many many more social media posts showing the world what it’s missing out on.