The Chevrolet Camaro, the staple diet of American muscle cars, it’s been around a while now and what the world needs is a new headline model to rival the likes of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat & the Ford Mustang GT350. The new Camaro ZL1 fills that gap and appears to be undergoing final production readiness at the world’s scariest racetrack the Nürburgring.

After a recent Youtube reveal of the it’s Z/28 sibling testing going a bit off plan with a minor wall impact it would appear that the Chevy engineers have got back to work regardless and the latest reveal shows a pair of ZL1 test mules lapping the ring relentlessly.

The 6.2-liter supercharged V8 sounds absolutely savage, I mean just listen to that noise. Crank up the volume, get those headphones on and listen to the symphony that is a supercharged V8 of noise & thunder.

After repeated watching of the clip, it would seem that the Red ZL1 possibly has the 10-speed auto box judging by the smooth sequence of gear changes, based on this assumption the Blue car, would by virtue of deduction have the 6-speed manual box.

This is simply an American symphony of pure aural pleasure happening in the heart of Germany.