Assuming you’re eagerly awaiting the all new 2016 Ford Focus RS then you will be aware that it was recently spotted performing high altitude testing, given that this is the standard testing process for most new models you can expect the new RS to be spotted worldwide during testing on a more regular basis until it’s debut. One such mule was spotted testing in Michigan with very little in the way of disguise similar to the recently spotted Ford GT aside from some missing body work parts. Aside from the missing parts and the US law required added parts this should be the car that will roll out of dealerships when the RS debuts.


Ford is tasking a worldwide team with multiple mules to test and finalised t Focus RS before it hits dealerships next spring. The mule for this high-performance Focus has several differences from its nearest performance brother the ST including blue brake calipers, a deeper front chin spoiler, and of course the immensely cool RS-badged rear wing. The Nineteen-inch wheels we saw at the launch will remain.


As previously reported here the all new Focus RS shares it’s 2.3 litre blown EcoBoost powerplant with the new Ford Mustang. However the RS version has been beefed up with a new turbo and cylinder head setup to account for the different engine layout of the RS. Ford have confirmed that this rework results in an output figure in excess of 315 BHP vs the Mustang’s confirmed figure of 310 BHP.


Also as per my previous article Ford has confirmed that the Focus RS you get in say Germany will be the same as the one in the USA and the UK aside from  complying with local road laws (side repeaters & daytime driving lights for example).


This is still the one car that I want to drive so very badly and cannot wait for its release, the RS is back.

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