Let me ask you a simple question, how fast have you driven on a public road?  Unless you live in Germany then the answer is either going to be dishonest or the speed limit.

Which leads me to this video, as we all know the Porsche 911 R is a very special car with a manual gearbox for proper drivers, the omission of its GT3RS sibling’s race wing and for being so dammed rare already.

So watch this clip of the very brave Henry Catchpole of EVO’ and his even braver co-driver as they put a Porsche 911 R to the test on an unlimited stretch of Autobahn in Germany.

Whilst you can see in the clip that a top speed of 320kmh is reached during this display or bravery, give or take for accuracy this is about 198mph total so you know what, well done Henry for reaching 200mph and we share your hatred of the Caravan driver who decided to pull out on you and temporarily impede your progress.

Bravo Henry……..